Welcome to my portfolio!

My work ranges from large-scale visual maps drawn live during interactive strategy sessions and presentations / meetings to large- and small-scale visual summaries created after presentations / meetings to visual tools created in graphic design applications.

Scroll down to view samples of my work. Please note that confidential information has been blurred. Click a square thumbnail image to view its larger, full version and read a brief description.

Live Graphic Recording and Visual Summaries

Below is a time-lapse video of a live graphic recording of Lauren Erickson’s “Turn Loose Ends Into New Year Successes” presentation at the Central Carolina Women in Business Luncheon in December:


Below are samples of visual summaries I created during or after various presentations or meetings:


Live Interactive Strategy Visuals

Below are samples of large-scale visuals I created during live, interactive visual strategy sessions with individuals or groups:


Visual Models, Maps, and Infographics

Below are samples of various visual models, maps, and infographics I created to help clients communicate ideas and information. Many of these visuals were created after a visual strategy session with the client:


Visual Templates

Below are samples of visual templates I created for use in corporate, small-business, higher-education, nonprofit, strategic planning, and presentation settings:


Whiteboard Animation Videos

Below are samples of whiteboard animation videos I created for clients to explain and communicate key messages and information: