Visual Mapping


Idea Mapping, Brainstorming, Problem Solving, and Action Planning

During a visual mapping session, I help you get the information out of your head and onto paper. Serving as part facilitator, part thought partner, and part scribe, I harvest your ideas and translate them into a visual format, literally drawing a representation of your thoughts. I meet you where you are, and together we figure where you want to go and how to get there. Throughout the process, I ask clarifying questions to guide the process and further define and refine the content.

With the mass of information out of your head and in a tangible, visible form, the clutter that once filled your brain becomes far less overwhelming and much more manageable. This process allows you to see the big picture AND the details together, in one place, which creates clarity and allows you to make informed decisions. You will leave the session with a detailed action plan so you can immediately begin to take action and move toward your goal.

Interactive visual mapping is perfect for individuals, teams, and groups, and it is ideal for process work, idea mapping and brainstorming, problem solving and decision making, visual strategy and business planning, and personal visioning and goal setting.

Check out some of our visual maps below:

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