Visual Summaries


Live, Hand-Drawn Summaries of Meetings, Presentations, and Events

During meetings and events, I harvest ideas and concepts from conversations and presentations and translate them into large-scale, hand-drawn visual summaries in real time. This process is often referred to as graphic recording and/or graphic facilitation.

During this process, I work as a silent partner to support the facilitator(s), speaker(s), and participants. I actively listen to the content being presented and to the conversations in the room. I then synthesize the information and translate it into key points and insights using hand-drawn words and images, in real time. The result is a large-scale visual map that brings ideas to life, increases engagement, promotes understanding and memory, and surfaces the collective wisdom of the group.

Graphic recording is ideal for meetings, presentations, panel discussions, events and conferences.

Check out some of our live visuals below:


In addition to our live visual summaries, there are times when we create visual summaries (usually digitally) after a meeting or event, or for a specific purpose. Check out a few examples below:

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