Turn Ideas Into Action

Hello! I’m Christy Gharbo, founder of VizualWorx, and I’m on a mission to help individuals, groups, and organizations turn ideas into action.

Equipped with refillable markers, giant rolls of paper, my trusty iPad and Apple pencil, a virtual collaboration board, and a powerful visual thinking toolkit, I help you externalize your thinking and make your ideas visible – to yourself and to share with others. I help you think – visually – and figure things out. That might mean solving a problem, making a decision, expanding your ideas, mapping out a process or procedure, setting goals, and/or creating an action plan. Moving ideas out of your head and onto paper allows you to “see what you mean” and generate more ideas, organize information, and make connections. This process of “making meaning” helps you gain clarity, see the big picture, make informed decisions, take action to achieve your goals, and share your message with others.

Are YOU ready to turn ideas into action?

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