What My Clients Are Saying

Christy is a genius at taking numerous disparate thoughts, ideas, and strategic inputs and boiling them down to their essence and then representing them visually in a simple, connected, compelling and brilliant manner.

Mindi Sullivan, Senior Director, Global People Experience, d-wise

As soon as I saw one of Christy’s visuals I knew this was something I wanted to experience! The visual aspect kept me engaged and helped facilitate my thought process but Christy was the tool that pulled the information out of me. The whole process was a facilitation of communication that put our firm on a journey of growth. By seeing it being written / drawn / diagrammed in real time I literally had my ideas visualized so the team could work through good ideas, bad ideas and evolving changes to make them all great in execution. It’s some of the most worthwhile time and money we have spent.

Lauren Erickson, CFP® CSRIC™, Erickson Advisors

Working with Christy was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. The depth of her listening was a wonderful gift, allowing me to pull out and examine all the flying threads of intention, ambition, dreams. Without judgment she sorted, recorded, and made things beautifully visible outside my head and heart. The clean, lovely way she represented them on paper created a roadmap that stayed on my office wall for several years, allowing me to be my own navigator, my own reality-checker. Now I have it memorized. When I struggle with direction, or need inspiration, it’s right in front of me, in all its complexity… and simplicity. I’m still working on my dreams and building my practice with the intention she helped clarify.

Dani Black, Owner & Consultant, Bigger Tables Culinary and Service Consulting

Starting up a new venture is hard enough – but when it’s a brand new idea that’s never been created, it brings the mental chaos to a whole new level. I am SO glad that I was introduced to Christy and VizualWorx when I was just beginning the journey! With her insightful questions and gentle prompts, Christy was able to reach into my brain and magically untangle everything into a beautiful, vivid image of what our path forward could and should look like. By the end of our session, I’d made decisions that have shaped everything we have created since – and I am forever grateful!

Nora El-Khouri Spencer, MSW, Founder & CEO, Hope Renovations

Christy is a master of her craft. She’s a visual linguist that puts your disorganized thoughts, ideas and dreams to paper in a way that helps you see what your focus should be, and how to get there. A few years ago after a career in food, followed by association management, event planning, and advertising, I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. We had a mapping session where Christy pulled all of the relevant life experiences out of me and put them to paper in a way that made finding the right career path attainable with specific action steps. Today, looking at our visual mapping session from three years ago I’m so tickled to see what I’m doing now, commercial real estate with businesses in my local community, and how many of those details emerged during our mapping session that pushed me here. I have either achieved or am well-on-my-way to achieving all of the items on my career wants list. Time with Christy is so valuable and I highly recommend that you stop scratching your head right now, and get VizualWorx to help you unpack your problems and realize your dreams!

Chela Tu, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Durham, NC

Christy has been a thoughtful partner and collaborator helping MOWOCNC to better focus our services in support of our mission and to creatively capture and share our story.

Rachel Bearman, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels Orange County , NC

My work with Christy has been incredibly impactful both professionally and personally. I emerged from our brief mapping session with so much clarity and the ability to articulate exactly what I wanted in my next role. The confidence I gained from our session and the clarity I gained from our work together helped me land my dream job. Christy is insanely talented and intuitive, and I’ve recommended her to so many of my friends who are making big transitions in their lives.

Jill E. Willett, Entrepreneurial Thinker, Marketing Strategist, and Instructor

Meeting with Christy helped me to give voice to my dream. Since she wasn’t familiar with me or my plans, I had to articulate and clarify in a way that someone completely outside of my circle of influence could understand and translate to paper in a beautiful way. It was fun to see it come to life and I’d recommend anyone to have Christy help them get what’s in their head onto paper.

Kristin Bulpitt, Farmer & Founder, Copeland Springs Farm & Kitchen

Wow I love this. This work is truly life changing!! Thank you for the opportunity to work together. I will certainly recommend you to many others!

Leah H., Greensboro, NC

Christy is a master at capturing thoughts and ideas in pertinent, meaningful, and memorable graphics. Her probing and investigative questions aid in the discovery process. Ideas became words and images. These words and images became visual cues to definable and actionable items.  But perhaps my greatest take-away was the discovery of common-thread skills and talents that had permeated every aspect of my work- and recreational life. This priceless discovery was huge! Armed with this discovery, I re-designed my resume, LinkedIn profile, and life-goals. I heartily recommend Christy for any individual or corporate development.

John W., Durham, NC

Choosing a college was a real challenge for me, and Christy helped me make this decision confidently by mapping it out with me. We were able to start by discussing what I really wanted in a school and getting it down on paper. We then added other pros and cons and things that I expected in a college experience. Having all of these things in my brain was one thing, but having it all mapped out on paper in an effective and organized fashion was a monumental part of providing clarity to my decision making. I felt not only confident, but excited about my final decision. I am sure this wouldn’t have happened without Christy’s help!

Chloe H., Charlotte, NC

Collaborating with Christy Gharbo to create environments where people engage and organizations thrive gives new meaning to the word synergy.

Danielle Oakley, Ph.D., Founder, Oakley & Associates Consulting

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Christy in developing our SunCatcher Explainer Video! SunCatcher wanted someone to tell our unique story in a timeless way so potential customers would understand how we can help them. Christy quickly grasped what we needed (sometimes better than we did) and then proceeded to ask for input and made a variety of suggestions based on that input as we honed in on exactly what we wanted. We wrote the script together, then she worked her magic to create a compelling video using a storyboard with just the right images and background music. Christy was able to take an involved story and make a number of interrelated points about our product while capturing the viewer’s attention.

Terry Carroll, Physicist, Founder, Designer and CEO, SunCatcher Passive Solar Greenhouses

Thank you Christy for helping me SEE it so I can achieve it.  Every session with you is amazing for putting my ideas and thoughts in a visual format where I can get clarity and really put my mind around the action steps necessary for overcoming obstacles and for accomplishing my goals!  I get so charged up every time we work together!

Leigh Kempf, Chapel Hill, NC

Having a clear vision has brought me confidence and a sense of security, eliminating the fear that comes with high achievement goals.

Rebecca D., Graham, NC

The visual mapping exercise helped me decide where to go to college by examining all the factors of consideration like department, size, location, cost, and culture. She provided a great structure for the exercise while also giving me the freedom to decide what was most important to me. I came away from our mapping session with a clearer idea not only of the choice I would make but of what my options and priorities are. I’ve been very happy at my chosen college the past four years and always felt very confident in my choice after such careful and thorough deliberation.

Melia W., Chapel Hill, NC

Christy provided me with a visual mapping session when I was trying to decide how to make a career choice. She fleshed out things I was good at, how my previous experiences could translate to other positions and what next steps would be if I wanted to start my own business. It was very rewarding to see it all mapped out and know I was capable of making new things happen. 

Michelle W., Mebane, NC

When looking for my first job, I thought I’d settle for anything to start. Christy worked with me to visualize what I actually wanted in a job by exploring my strengths as a person instead of just as an employee. This helped me refocus my job search and landed me at a company where I enjoy what I do everyday!

Matt L., Tysons Corner, VA

What I appreciate about working with Christy is the ability to process and synthesize large amounts of data into a coherent visual story. The image she created was a huge highlight of a conference session on how practitioners learn.

Elayne Greeley, Partnership Broker, Community Employment Collaboration, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Oh my goodness! Christy, this is great! I can’t stop smiling. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I REALLY like it. 

Tori S.

When Christy and I embarked on the visualization journey, I felt I already knew where it would lead because I felt sure of my own path, though I had variables in my life that might lead elsewhere. With Christy as my guide, I found myself studying nearly every variable in my personal and professional history leading up to the current day and discovering revelations about my skills, family influences, goals, and insecurities. The life mapping process was immensely valuable in discovering a goal I had been struggling with. Christy helped me renew my self-confidence as a writer and increase my excitement for the future, which at my age (69) is a daunting task. I was able to categorize factors that I could use to leap forward from a vague idea to an action plan. I would recommend Christy as anyone’s guide through life experiences using detailed visualization. She was thorough without rushing me to a conclusion, and she helped me pull the information from all the maps into a cohesive objective.

Eileen M., Raleigh, NC

I highly recommend Christy Gharbo. Through our work with the SHIFT-IT program, she enabled me to identify what’s most important to me; see my future self, the way I want to be, in the life I want to have; plan steps to get what I want; and clear away negative thoughts that might otherwise become obstacles. I’ve put some of Christy’s visuals on my wall. By seeing them daily, I can now see them in my mind, wherever I am. My goals are clear to me, guiding my decisions, big and small, and helping me to dig in when life gets tough. Christy is kind, warm, patient, encouraging, and reassuring. On top of getting great results, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Christy.

Linda M., Cary, NC

Working with Christy to put pen to paper and clarify my goals put big, lofty ideas into tangible, actionable steps that I am now on the road toward accomplishing. Christy helped me reflect, refine, and plan in a meaningful way that produced a blueprint which now guides my perspective and allows me to move forward in building a daily life that reflects my core values. Having a clear vision has brought me confidence and a sense of security, eliminating the fear that comes with high achievement goals. I refer to our work often knowing my future success depends on focusing my daily life towards the meaningful direction Christy helped me define. I highly recommend Christy and the SHIFT-IT process.

Rebecca D., Graham, NC